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About Step Link Platform Inc

Platform Step Link Dropshipping: easy, simple, accessible

The company's Step Link platform was created in 2022 for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business using a modern approach to product management. Our company assembled a team of experts and were able to create a platform that will take your business to the next level. Our Step Link platform allows you to automate your dropshipping processes, so your business can focus on long-term strategic development issues. A dropshipper doesn't need to keep product in stock. Once you choose a seller, the store starts marketing and advertising their products on their website. Herein lies one of the huge problems often faced by those who work on dropshipping. After the seller places the order and receives payment for it, it may turn out that the desired product is no longer in the supplier's warehouse or it has gone up in price.

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In such a situation, the seller either assumes all costs or tries to explain the situation to the buyer. All this is not only unpleasant, but hits both the reputation and the pocket of the seller. And if this is a permanent (for example, small-scale) customer, and they have already spent a lot of money on attracting and retaining him, then his departure (in the event of a conflict) is a loss. Most likely, the seller will try to cover all the costs without making a profit or, in general, "working in the minus."


The platform Step Link automates the processes of dropping, solving the most important "pains" of entrepreneurs, answering questions - "where and how to find proven and real producers?". In one place, you can track the order itself and its execution. Now you do not need to issue fids manually, the whole process is automated.

After quickly and easily registering on the Step Link platform, you get access to 17,900 product bases and contact information about more than 860 vendors that have been tested against special criteria for assessing their reputation and internal rating. A very important point - the information that the platform provides is updated constantly, every 5 minutes! Clearly, the faster your product information is updated, the higher your service level and revenue growth.

The new platform has received a convenient and simple interface, a built-in CRM system, without which it is now almost impossible to conduct business, large and small. Now you don't have to worry about payment and shipping. Everything is simple - Step Link is integrated with all known systems of online payment and delivery. Personal support, both transaction and dropshipper - a unique plus platform Step Link.

The drawbacks of dropshipping are primarily considered: low profitability, lack of control over the quality and quantity of goods in stock, uncontrolled delivery costs and high competition. Using a single platform Step Link, the dropshipper easily calculates possible costs, selects the right product, immediately sees how much it will cost to deliver a particular product.

We have repeatedly heard stories about "fraudsters" posing as factories and huge enterprises that, after the first transfers of funds, took the transferred money and disappeared. This is a real risk that worries workers in dropshipping.

If you are afraid to be deceived or unsure of the supplier of the goods, you need a proven and consistent source of information to clearly understand who your future counterparty is, whether his business is legal, how competitive prices he offers, whether there is an item you want to buy, whether he provides guarantees and certificates.


It is these, and many other issues, that the Step Link platform solves. Automation of most dropping processes not only facilitates the seller's work, but, above all, guarantees him that the transaction is legal, the supplier is real, prices are competitive, and the goods are high-quality. You can work with the Step Link platform according to 3 tariff plans, choose the one that suits your business.

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