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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The company Step Link platform was created by a woman entrepreneur to realize its potential in the business world. Our company continues to promote the concept of gender-sensitive social justice into the business world. Introducing historical and social omissions, the role of women's labor was greatly diminished.

Efforts to change the legislation of our country have made it possible for women to participate in the economic sector. Educational opportunities, special refresher courses, fair pay, promotion opportunities, special agencies for the protection of women's rights have contributed to an increase in women's participation in the labor force to 50% (according to World Bank, World Development Indicators).

Further development is described in the "Federal Plan for Gender Equality." It identifies eight objectives:

1) ensure the application of gender analysis in the development of documents and activities by federal departments and agencies;

2) ensure the economic independence and well-being of women;

3) improve the physical and psychological well-being of women;

4) reduce the level of violence in society, especially against women and children;

5. Promote gender equality in all aspects of Canadian cultural life;

6) provide women with the opportunity to participate in the management of the affairs of the state and society;

7) promote gender equality in other countries of the world;

8) promote gender equality in the system of federal departments and institutions.

For our part, we are striving to create an enabling environment for men and women alike to realize their potential. Each phase is gender-sensitive to maximize efficiency.

We are also concerned about current trends. During the period of quarantine restrictions "Covid-19," when the majority of the population is forced to observe isolation, the number of cases of domestic violence increased by 166%. During the fall of 2021, 20,000 support calls were received. Last year, there were only 12,000 cases during the same period. According to experts, "We are very worried about the fact that now so many women are in a dangerous position, before they could find at least some way out, but now everything is closed to the lockdown."

We therefore call for assistance to victims of domestic violence - 1-800-572-7233. If you are in such a situation or have become a witness, immediately call the number 1-800-572-7233. Remember, you're not alone, they can help you.

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