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New dropshipping format

STEP LINK follows trends in the business world and develops partnerships and co-operation through online channels. On one of the business forums we found information about a young company POTĘGA HANDLOWY DOM. Another partnership programme allowed both companies to find common points of growth. The management of STEP LINK immediately saw common values and similar strategies in a like-minded company. Both companies are committed to high standards of service and customer care, emphasising quality and trust. This complementary support became the basis for a long-term and successful partnership.


We immediately identified new points of growth and mutual benefit. STEP LINK's experience gained over the years has opened up new possibilities for optimising internal processes at POTEGA. In turn, our partner shares its experience in a completely new direction. Both parties have benefited from this mutually beneficial co-operation.


STEP LINK PLATFORM INC. provided POTĘGA HANDLOWY DOM with an advanced dropshipping optimisation and management system. The integration of this platform with their existing infrastructure allowed them to automate processes from order receipt to delivery. This significantly reduced costs and increased efficiency, opening up new opportunities to expand the network of partners.


The joint efforts allowed to expand the range of products offered by POTĘGA HANDLOWY DOM. STEP LINK PLATFORM INC. has found new suppliers and manufacturers in various industries, enabling the company to expand its portfolio and meet the diverse needs of current customers. New directions help to find previously hidden niches and take a leadership position in the market by providing top quality service to customers. Promptness and co-operation with the leader of the direction also qualitatively distinguished us from our competitors. New acquaintances with market players, analyses of competitors' technologies and methodologies allow STEP LINK PLATFORM to hold leading positions in the industry.


Automation has been a key point of cooperation in favour of POTĘGA HANDLOWY DOM. The STEP LINK platform allowed us to instantly track the status of deliveries, notify customers promptly and reduce time delays at all stages. The methodology we implemented minimised routine tasks for almost all POTĘGA employees. Technological advances have been a real catalyst for both companies.


Working together STEP LINK PLATFORM INC. and POTĘGA HANDLOWY DOM has produced meaningful results for both parties. POTĘGA gained a state-of-the-art supply chain management system, improved efficiency and reduced costs. STEP LINK PLATFORM INC. became a trusted partner, increasing its customer portfolio and allowing it to expand its reach.


This case illustrated a successful strategic partnership, thanks to the openness of both companies. POTEGA and STEP LINK continue to improve their processes and reach new heights through common goals. The co-operation has not only increased the positive impact on the business, but also opened new perspectives for the future. Together we move forward with common goals and high standards.

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