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Business Innovation

Step Link - a modern intelligent application

The human is indecisive. New things are often frightening, taking a step into the unknown is sometimes just lazy. At all times, it was difficult to break the old, update and change any processes. The inertia of both society and the individual was difficult to overcome.

Innovation has always been the merit of geniuses. For the most part, they made innovations, and the public either rejected or slowly accepted them. So clumsily, resisting change, we lived until computers and the Internet entered the world. Everything changed on August 6, 1991, from the little-known date of birth of the World Wide Web.

Digital transformation has become a necessary and mandatory step in any business. Without this, it became difficult and soon impossible to successfully function in a highly competitive market.

The result of the use of new innovative solutions is the new digital product of Step Link Platform Inc. - Step Link program. This modern intelligent application automates most business processes.

We wanted to draw your attention to what innovative solutions are influencing business growth. We hope you are already using them in your work.

Modern tools for solving complex problems

There are many modern tools that allow you to solve complex business problems. Specialized software, increased hardware memory, faster processing processes and clear data visualization combined with collaboration systems (Kanban, Step Link) help simplify business analysis, planning, and scaling. Intelligent applications and collaborative programs improve efficiency.

Analytics and Informed Solutions

Careful market research through online marketing tools helps businesses make winning and right decisions. The analytics tools of Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Google Analytics allow real-time analysis of the online environment, competitors and social networks.

Internet marketing

Online advertising (SEO, PPC, social media advertising, contextual advertising) is able to accurately and directionally affect the target audience. Of course, it is quite difficult to set up online advertising without the proper skill and special knowledge. At the same time, the configuration and quality of online advertising is quite simple to track and analyze, each platform provides its own analytics system - to calculate how many netizens have clicked on an online banner is quite simple.

Client support

Thanks to new innovative solutions, you can contact potential customers through several channels, hold promotions, report new products by phone, email, and social networks.

Resource Management

Cloud solutions allow businesses to expand both horizontally and vertically. Enterprise software located in the cloud allows employees to work remotely, quickly make changes, and use public information.

Step Link. Process automation

It is difficult to imagine that in the modern world business growth can occur without information technology. The tools of the Step Link program automate the processes: management, business planning, marketing, global sales, management, real-time monitoring.


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