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Cross-Selling and Upselling. Strategies to increase e-commerce sales

How to sell effectively, but at the same time not to scare away customers with annoying advertising? How to increase the income of your business by increasing the lifetime value of each customer and the average cost of the order?

Promotions and discounts seem to be the easiest and most affordable way to maintain customer loyalty and interest. It's important not to overdo it. Aggressive discounting, like over-optimization, can lead to unexpected loss of revenue sooner or later. On the other hand, insufficient discounting may encourage your customers to seek out your competitor's product.

Consider how you can use complementary and cross-selling techniques in your online store. Offer your customers to buy a better, upgraded or premium version of something they've already bought once, or something they've shown interest in, searched for on the site, or already put in their cart.

Encourage impulse and unplanned purchases, use recommended and related products in the same category.

A complementary and cross-selling marketing strategy is relevant for businesses of all sizes. You can offer products in automatic pop-ups on your site, in emails, text messages and messenger messages. Call the customer to clarify order details and unobtrusively find out what they need, what they want to buy in the future.

What to Offer

Offer alternative products, recommend related products from other categories, reminding the customer about items he may be interested in. To make the customer want to buy something unplanned, the products you offer should be at least 60% cheaper than the cost of products that have already been added to the cart.

Retain a customer

Product recommendations bring an average of 10-30% of e-commerce site revenues, retain the customer, he gets used to buy from you, becomes loyal.

A very good idea is to allow customers to shop as guests, without having to register. Many stores have been using this approach for a long time. Hold the customer's attention even at the checkout stage, offering to add something useful and inexpensive to the cart.

Increase average order value

You have successfully conducted a marketing campaign and have not wasted time and money on attracting customers who not only visit the pages of your online store, but also leave their order information in the cart! There is no need to stop there. Maximizing your order value is the key to your ROI. By increasing your average check, you are generating revenue at a very low incremental cost.

Implement a loyalty program.

We all love rewards, gifts and surprises. An honest loyalty program has the power to bring customers back and make them feel valued and special.

Social Media

Social media is always a challenge for e-commerce companies because it's difficult to determine which platforms work best in certain markets. Use analytics tools to figure out which social media works best. Communicate promotions and discounts on social media.

Get the customer back.

Remarketing is the best way to automate your sales and encourage those who have already made a purchase to convert with minimal effort on your part. Analyze information about your customers, study their demographics, what products they've bought or want to buy, what reviews they've left. Set up remarketing campaigns on social media and Google. Remember that all marketing campaigns should be fully optimized for mobile devices, as their conversion rate directly depends on this.

By incorporating special in-house developed plugins, Step Link Platform Inc. simulates the behavior of website visitors. Tests various business ideas and optimizes the sales funnel, increasing conversions at all stages.

Experts from Step Link Platform Inc.will conduct A/B testing of various sales strategies for your online store. Based on the findings, an effective plan will be developed to maximize sales and demand.


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