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Dropshipping and suppliers. How to choose the best?

In 2022, it is no longer possible to imagine a business that does not have its own website or, at least, pages on social networks. This is no longer just an addition, but a vital necessity and potential for the growth of any idea.

Dropshipping is the most popular area of ​ ​ online trading, which is chosen primarily because of the logistical advantages of this business model.

What depends on the success of the e-commerce business? What does a website need to do to make a profit, be spotted by customers and stand out from the competition?

There are many factors to consider.

The online dropshipper store sells goods that are available from its supplier and is not responsible for the delivery and production of the goods. The supplier collects, packages and delivers the goods, and the dropshipper separates his profits and pays him the initial price.

Delivery is carried out directly from the supplier to the end consumer. This is especially convenient if the product is very voluminous and it is not possible to store it in its own warehouse. In addition, dropshipping may be interesting for low-turnover goods or goods with high transportation and storage costs.

A reputable and reliable supplier is the most important condition for the success of the dropshipping business model. Poorly manufactured goods, failure to meet delivery deadlines and standards will affect your store's reputation and, as a result, the customer will never make a purchase from you again, will be dissatisfied, will not show loyalty and will not become permanent.

Most products offered by dropshipping are so-called "trends" products. With no inventory, dropshippers can afford to offer more and more products and adapt their work to different consumer trends in the market.

Niche selection

Not all suppliers specialize in the same products. Some are organized around a niche, while others offer marketplace goods.

The supplier, who works as a representative of the manufacturer and offers a specialized product, most often knows its characteristics and can even understand the nuances of the production process.

Selection by place of production

When choosing dropshipping suppliers, you should clearly understand the conditions and terms of delivery to a particular country. You can consider a supplier as from China, or, for example, from the USA or Europe.

Choice by price

After choosing an item, carefully examine the selling prices of several suppliers, calculate the margin that you can get. Not all of these sellers offer the same terms and conditions, so review the value and feedback offers.

Step Link Platform Inc. helps companies find new suppliers, solves problems, regulates controversial issues, checks all information on the quality of the product.

So that the dropshipper does not have any doubts about the decency of the supplier, the honesty of the price, the quality of the product Step Link Platform Inc. provides legal support, both in finding partners and in conducting the transaction. Our specialists make thousands of calls and are able, if necessary, to find a unique product at the optimal price.

Reliable Supplier:

- delivers high quality goods

- delivers the item without delay or damage to the image of your business

- does not "lose face" and does not arrange long disputes on the return of goods

- exchanges or returns goods without any problems

- systemically informs about the stock balances

There are three main types of suppliers in the dropshipping marketing concept:

- suppliers whose products are presented in your online store, they deliver the goods directly and are responsible for logistics.

- wholesalers from whom you buy the product in bulk, and your online store lists it at a retail price. These providers typically store all your customer information, including credit card numbers.

- direct delivery distributors are responsible for shipping and will not retain any information about your customers, including credit card numbers. If you want to keep all your customer information private and secure, this is the best partnership option.

Finding suppliers is a difficult and time-consuming task, because very often you are offered the same products. There are quite a few retailers masquerading as wholesale drop-shipping suppliers. It is not profitable to work with such retailers and, most often, they do not guarantee the quality of the goods. For this reason, it is important to conduct a thorough study by choosing a supplier. Step Link Platform Inc. tests suppliers against a dozen cleanliness criteria, both the deal and the products they offer always account for feedback from customers and business partners.


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