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Dropshipping marketing. Hold, do not let go

Dropshipping is an affordable business model, both for a novice entrepreneur and for those who want to expand their business, checking the demand for new or additional categories of goods, product lines. If you have your own website and your suppliers don't cause problems, then you have almost everything in order.

Why almost? Marketing is the part of the business where many sellers fail, although it is the basis of all successful sales. It is sometimes very difficult to decide with potential customers, to occupy "your" niche in the market, to understand where and how to promote the goods.

Let's try to help you.

1. Who are you selling to?

Any marketing strategy begins with identifying the target audience.

Even if you sell widely consumed goods, you will not be able to advance in business, offering "everything" and "everyone." Firstly, it is impossible to create content (advertising block, text, video video, etc.) that will simultaneously like and push different categories of buyers to buy (for example, by age or interest). Secondly, generalization will lead to inefficient advertising, and you will simply "merge" the advertising budget.

Therefore, specifics are important. For example, if you sell care products, then for different target audiences and advertising message will be different:

- teenagers will receive a solution for problematic skin;

- millennials - effective humidification;

- those who are older - pleasant sensations and an affordable remedy that fights dryness and problems of mature skin.

You can analyze data about visitors to your site or social networks using Google Analytics (or any other tracking system you use). It is worth paying attention, for example, to:

Demography: age, sex, location, education;

- behavior: what channels bring you the greatest income (advertising on the network, social networks)? What devices do your customers use to make a purchase (mobile, desktop)?

- psychological data: what prompts your customers to buy? What keywords bring them to your online store?

It is worth conducting small surveys. These should not be large and boring questionnaires. The easiest way to get to know your customers is to ask them short questions and motivate them for answers, for example, in Instagram stories.

If you have difficulties or are not able to track and collect information about your customers and prospects, then the issue can be resolved differently - to order a marketing research on a single platform of e-commerce automation. Step Link the company's specialists will quickly and professionally draw up a business plan for your business, advise on e-commerce issues.

2. Your Online Store Promotion Channels

Next, you should analyze which ad (from where?) "come" visitors to your site. In other words, how do they know about him? It can be organic, direct advertising, advertising on social networks or advertising on the Internet.

5 traffic channels are analyzed:

- organic (Google + Yahoo + Bing + others) - these are visits to your website from the results of the search engine;

- direct (traffic when potential customers immediately enter your site, entering its URL in the browser or through its bookmarks);

- Google advertising;

- Facebook ads;

- Instagram ads.

Direct traffic usually brings up to 75% of sales. This means that customers are more likely to purchase from someone they are used to, who they trust.

From the new digital technology report of 2022, We Are Social, you can find out that Instagram overtook Facebook and took second place in the world ranking. 14.8% of Internet users worldwide consider Instagram their favorite platform, compared to 14.5% of Facebook users. Advertising coverage on Instagram grew by 21% over the year and now amounts to 1.5 billion users. Facebook is most popular among men aged 25 to 44 years

To distribute the advertising budget, analyze the traffic of the site, place and make advertising for his Internet store, most often to an entrepreneur, is not only difficult, but also banal, he does not have enough time for this.

Using the Step Link platform, you can not only analyze the data on products in the market you choose, but also simplify your task and order companies Step Link fully support your advertising.

3. Who are your competitors

Study your competitors - dropshipping companies that sell such goods and work in your niche. Save your precious time and analyze your ads. Find out how they promote their business and try to implement similar ideas in their advertising strategy. As a result, submit something of your own and compile a UTP (universal trade offer) - something that you will differ from other dropspipers. And let it be a trifle, but according to it you will be remembered and distinguished against the background of others, no longer confusing.

If you are interested in analyzing the competitive environment, then with the company Step Link you will quickly find out who works and how in the market you choose.

4. Catch and not let go

The best way to promote your online store is to make all your decisions based on analysis and clear data, and not on assumptions. Collect information about your customers, competitors, suppliers constantly.

98% of visitors to your site will not buy anything on the first visit. A person needs time to make a decision, compare and think. At this point, it is important to save information about it, creating a re-marketing audience, using the visitor tracking system of the site you use. By the way, it is important to set up a pixel on your business page on Facebook so as not to lose a potential client who has switched to the site from social networks. Later, you will be able to show ads to network users who have similar habits and preferences.

If a visitor to an Internet store left the item "in the cart" and did not make a purchase, then he needs to remind him about it (and not once), but based on this data, to offer a similar or accompanying product.

You should remind yourself no more than once every 15-20 days, we are talking about the frequency of retargeting. Thus, at least once the user who visited the site will receive information about your store, goods and new products.

Data analysis is part of a voluminous e-commerce marketing plan that can be ordered after registration on the Step Link platform.

5. Deduction

It will not work to keep the client, create an impression of yourself as a good and responsible seller, only advertising and the right words. The work of the store is evaluated, first of all, by the quality of the goods delivered by it, the speed of delivery, guarantees. All this can be done only in partnership with proven suppliers. And if the buyer becomes constant, this is the result that any business seeks. And, therefore, the money spent on advertising and promotion paid for itself.

Without new systems of analysis and data collection, growing in business, large and small, is very difficult. And competitors are likely to act faster, their goal is to push less successful out of the market.

To automate the work of online stores that are engaged in dropshipping and the Step Link platform was created. Now, in one place, you can access the databases of almost 18,000 goods from 860 suppliers, who are constantly checked and monitored every minute, and updated information. Automation of fid creation and a built-in CRM system, complementing each other, provide the opportunity to conduct and analyze business without problems and losses. Using the Step Link platform, you can conduct marketing research. Round-the-clock online support helps not only with business issues, but also solves advertising and promotion issues.

According to forecasts, by 2027 dropshipping will become an industry with a turnover of 591.77 billion dollars. The key to success will be to find a profitable niche and work on a marketing strategy for a particular business, with one single goal: standing out among others - to retain the client.


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