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How to create a value proposition

In an era in which the world is overflowing with useful and not-so-beneficial information, capturing the attention of the recipient and keeping it at least for a short while is a special art. The cognitive effect lasts only three seconds! That is the amount of time the user needs to decide whether he is interested in your site, landing strip, online shop, a resource.

The value proposition describes the benefits and attractiveness of the product and encourages action. This is a brief, clear and concise description of what tangible and intangible benefits of the product, what are its advantages over competitors' counterparts.

The importance of the value proposition

The value proposition is an important part of any business strategy. It is the basis of all marketing activities, promotional campaigns and scripts. The value proposition is the home page of the website, the headlines of the articles, the advertising block.

Based on such a ‘skeleton’ create differentiated offers and target their marketing activities to different consumer groups (investors, dealers, buyers, partners).

How do you write an effective value proposition? Let's find out.

Clarity and conciseness

An effective value proposition must be clear, concise, positive and well-structured. You have to organize all the information you propose into a coherent whole. The strengths of the product and the competitive advantages of the product should be described succinctly.

The problem

Describe the problem that the potential customer may be concerned about. This will show that you have a clear understanding of their needs. That you can offer help, find a solution and solve the ‘pain point.


The value proposition shows how you will solve your potential customer's problem. Talk about specific benefits (free shipping, savings), describe the emotional experience (ease, convenience).


It is generally accepted that the value proposition should be small, consisting of three or four sentences.


How are you different from your competitors? What do you do better or differently? What new features do you have to offer? Keep it short and succinct.

Know your customers

Before creating your value proposition, you should conduct a market analysis and understand who your customers will be. Ideally, create a ‘portrait’ of your ideal customer. Know everything about him or her: age, gender, interests, location, education, habits. Find out what social networks, websites and channels he/she visits.

A personal and emotional conversation is much more effective in understanding the client than, for example, comments or answers to online surveys with a standardised questionnaire. Get in touch with people who have already worked with you. Engage in a dialogue with ‘your customer. In the course of the conversation, find out about the customer's everyday life, his wishes and goals.

Test and ‘measure’

Once you have prepared and thought through all the elements of your value proposition, be sure to test it. It is good if you can get a focus group together. If this is not possible, show your proposal to as many people as you know and as many people you don't know very well. Find out if they understand your message correctly and if it is clear to them what you want to convey.

‘Measuring the effectiveness of a value proposition is not difficult. Because it is an element of inbound marketing, you need to monitor conversion rates and movement through the sales funnel. Remember to constantly analyse incoming traffic and monitor how your audience reacts to a particular advertisement.

Step Link: From idea to implementation

What do you offer? Who needs it? What makes you different? If you can answer these questions clearly and unambiguously, your offer will not only be noticed but will also generate a reaction (call, order, sale). The investor invests and the customer buys.

The Step Link experts will examine your business and prepare value proposition options, advise on e-commerce and the competitive environment. After registering with the Step Link platform, you will be able to analyse your future marketing activities and build your sales funnels yourself.

Companies that offer a highly competitive product need to generate and test value propositions in near real-time. Step Link simulates the behaviour of potential customers and conducts testing by connecting special plug-ins to its platform.


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