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How to win your customers' trust

How much a customer trusts you determines their willingness to buy from you. A high level of trust means much more than assurances of good product, service and quality. Trust differentiates you from other sellers.

If you're not a big, well-known brand, visitors will be reluctant to order from your online store. Trust is what helps them make a positive decision to buy from you. This is a very valuable resource that is hard to come by. It is especially difficult for start-ups, young companies that no one knows about.

To get sales, you need to show that there are honest, reliable people behind the shop window who care about their customers. The experts at Step Link have outlined the steps you need to take to earn trust.

User-friendly website

Your online store should be easy to use and read on computers, laptops and mobile devices. It's hard to take a business seriously if its website looks bad on a smartphone or tablet screen. Remember that every design element should help customers interact with the site. A good looking store won't do it alone.

Quality text about the business

Get the visitor interested in your story. Tell them about your business, how you came up with the idea to create it, and the difficulties in making it happen. Remember that you are not writing for Google, not for search robots, but for people. So keep it lively and interesting. You can spice it up a bit with emotion.

In a good text about the company, it is necessary to show how the client will benefit from you. This is the part where the customer is primarily interested. Keep it short, simple and to the point. After reading this paragraph, the customer should understand why it is necessary to buy from you and not from another online shop.

Company faces

It is important to show that you are not a faceless, soulless company. Customers need to see that there are people behind the shop window. Humanising the company is easy. It's enough to add videos of employees and/or their photos to the site.

Even if you work alone in the online shop for the time being, write about yourself. This will add authenticity and credibility to your brand. Give yourself attention as a business owner, talk about more than just your products. This will help customers get to know you better and build trust in your business.

Quality content

Content is a powerful business tool that many people neglect. It can be blog articles, videos, photo content including social media and more. Content is a great way to connect with new users who have no idea who you are. It gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to people in an unobtrusive way. Quality content is also a signal to site visitors that you are passionate about your subject and a professional at what you do.

Product information

If a customer comes to a shop and can't get clear information about a product or service, they won't be able to trust you.

What to include on your product page to convince the customer

  • High quality product photos;

  • Detailed descriptions;

  • Size charts (if necessary);

  • Product reviews and testimonials.

Secure shopping and refunds

In a normal shop, you give the seller your money and they give you the goods. In an online shop it is more complicated. You send money, but the goods do not arrive immediately. The buyer may have doubts about whether the money will reach the seller, whether hackers will get hold of the payment details, and so on.

To dispel any doubts about the reliability of your online shop, use only verified payment systems. Offering multiple payment options is another way to make consumers feel more comfortable buying from you. Some shoppers simply prefer certain payment methods over others.

The product may turn out to be faulty. If you are a conscientious seller and are willing to refund money for such goods, write about it on the site.

Customer feedback

Customers who are unsure of your reliability will want to contact you (via the contact form on your website, email and social media profiles). They will ask about return policies, delivery times or other product information. It's important to answer these questions as quickly and completely as possible.

Trust is essential to a purchase, especially when consumers today have a plethora of options at their fingertips. Step Link advises you to pay close attention to this aspect of your business. Our experts take this into account when creating sales web resources. Demonstrate on the site that it is absolutely safe to do business with you. Be friendly, open and honest.


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