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A quality product description is your selling point in an online shop

The text for the product card is the first thing a potential buyer looks at. This is where they expect to find important information about the product. Product specifications are too brief, but descriptions can explain the essence of the product, show its benefits and answer questions without the need to contact customer service. Sales results depend on how well the product card text is written. A quality description answers most of the customer's questions and acts like a salesperson in an offline shop. A product description helps sell your product or service. It should answer customers' questions and encourage them to contact your company. In Step Link's new blog, we'll explain how to present your product in the most informative and detailed way possible.

Short description

You need to create two descriptions for a product: a short description and a full description.

The short description is the information about the product that should cover most of the buyer's questions:

  • Scope of use;

  • Important features;

  • Features of the product;

  • Your company's unique selling point.

A summary is a coherent and logical text without paragraphs or lists. The information should be short but to the point. A brief description is indexed by search engines and can serve as another point of entry for customers to your online store.

Full description

A full description is a complete structured text. The important thing is that the text is written primarily for the consumer, not for search engines. You can use keywords in the description, but they should appear organically in the description and not break the general style of the text. If your description is useful to the shopper, the search engine will see it as useful text. Accordingly, it will promote your product card.

Text description should be unique, it should be lively and easy to understand while reading. The main mistake in product description is to simply list its features. You are writing for real people, not just search engine robots. Optimising for search engine rendering will not be superfluous, but people will still buy from you.

What to include in the full description:

  • All the important features of the product, including the packaging and quantity in the packaging;

  • Use, purpose of the product;

  • Benefits;

  • Sales and delivery features;

  • Your company's unique product proposition: why it is advantageous to buy the product from you;

  • A call to action.

No one is going to read the grey lines of fixed text. Almost all of us will skim through the pages, highlighting points of interest. That's why it's important to help potential customers find what they need in seconds by breaking up text into paragraphs and putting important information into subheadings. You should also use bulleted or numbered lists. These can be used to present the technical specifications of the product. This is a great way to avoid boring lists.

The text on the cards should be different, even if you are describing models of televisions that differ only in screen size or picture resolution. Focus on the feature that makes the product different. When looking through the available range, the customer should be able to see the advantages of the product that make it unique. Look for the little things, such as a subtle colour to match a classic interior, or HDMI ports to connect additional equipment.

When you have written the text, check whether it reminds you of water pouring down (information is blurred, no emphasis on key functional features) or of slicing bread (information is clear, short, concise and easy to understand).

Show people the solution

Many online sellers believe that price alone determines people's choices. It doesn't. A good description demonstrates the value and benefits of the product and shows the product as more than that - a solution.

A good product description reflects the thoughts, wants and needs of your target audience.

Articulating the benefits will help you answer the questions:

  • How can your product make the customer happier, healthier and more productive?

  • What problems can it solve?

Don't limit yourself to dry descriptions provided by the manufacturer or supplier. Show people that you are an expert and that you know all about your product. Share your knowledge of your product and explain even the smallest details.

If you need help creating a quality e-commerce site, you can contact the experts at Step Link. Contacts are listed in the relevant section:


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