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SMS marketing in e-commerce

What is the most important thing about e-commerce? Product? Suppliers? Customers? Finance? There is no main and secondary in business, everything is important. However, no one will argue that the success of a commercial project is most often estimated by the figures for sales growth and revenue growth.

If your dropshipping business is associated with brands and products that you purchase regularly or you want to remind customers of yourself more often, then SMS marketing can become an inexpensive but effective tool for your business. With it, you will make a profit and make your online store popular.

SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. It gives a quick result without the cost of design, copyright, design. Using text messages, you can quickly talk about discounts, urgent offers, promotions. The gains in time are obvious. At the same time, SMS messages have almost 100% Open Rate.

SMS marketing has one of the highest consumer response rates. This allows e-commerce to increase engagement and security in the sales chain with ever-increasing organic traffic to the site.

Unlike email and social media marketing, SMS marketing helps maintain communication and dialogue with the consumer through messaging. In "live" correspondence, it is easier to find out about the quality of the product, warranty, return, order status.

By the way, Coca-Cola annually distributes 70% of its advertising budget to mobile marketing for SMS messaging services.

If you chose dropshipping as an e-commerce model, then a well-thought-out SMS messaging strategy will: increase customer engagement, improve customer service, increase revenue and increase brand loyalty.

Once you launch a marketing SMS campaign, it's important to keep a regular schedule. Make a distribution plan, take into account seasonality and motivate with your messages.

Personalizing messages is a great way to show customers what you remember about them. To do this, maintain sales records, collect accurate customer data, assign statuses to them, and sort by keywords.

The text of the SMS message should be brief, without spelling errors, correspond to the product you are offering, accessible and understandable to your target audience.

In its work, Step Link Platform inc. uses specialized online tools, with their help we will easily and quickly configure the exchange of personalized messages, prepare and conduct SMS-mailing to your company's customers.

The average SMS response rate is 45%. With the advent of ad blocking technologies, the effectiveness of mobile advertising has decreased. At the same time, SMS messages are delivered almost without restrictions to everyone who has a mobile phone, and open on average within 90 seconds after receiving.

Step Link Platform inc. successfully cooperates with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers of goods and services. The statistics of our mailings show that customers are more likely to respond to an SMS message than to an email. In general, SMS messages have an open rate 98%, with 95% responding within three minutes of receipt.

Before launching a marketing SMS campaign, it is worth defining the main goals and objectives in advance, prioritizing them so that they can then use the results effectively and correctly, primarily to increasing both sales and the number of customers. Step Link Platform inc. has vast experience in the development of marketing strategies, our specialists will help to draw up a marketing and advertising plan for your e-commerce.


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